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Beginning in 1999, Mr. Nilanjan Banerjee entered the real estate sector. He has collaborated with well-known companies over the years, such as Merlin, Sanjeevani, PS Group, and Mani Group. This priceless experience has improved his abilities, broadened his market knowledge, and stoked his passion for developing extraordinary houses that go above and beyond expectations.

Mr. Banerjee has played a key role in the accomplishment of listing various significant projects during the course of his career. He has developed a reputation for satisfying the various demands and preferences of consumers because of his unwavering dedication and commitment to perfection. Mr. Banerjee began his entrepreneurial adventure in 2009, motivated by a goal to improve the real estate industry and offer exceptional housing alternatives. He established property.INC around this time, a business devoted to listing all those potential houses in the market that inspire, elevate, and improve lives. Property.INC has prospered under his inspirational leadership, building a name for itself as a pioneer in innovation, dependability, and trustworthiness.

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