Exploring Urbana in EM Bypass, Kolkata: Price Points and Amenities

4 January, 2024

Urbana is a differentiated township located in the bustling Anandapur neighbourhood of Kolkata. It is distinguished by its seven towers, each of which houses about 1170 residential apartments. The dwelling alternatives comprise a variety of selections, from 3BHK to 4BHK apartments, carefully designed to satisfy various requirements. The competitive pricing of these luxurious living areas, which range from Rs. 1.41 crore to Rs. 5.20 crore, ensures accessibility for a wide range of potential homeowners. Urbana is a monument to architectural brilliance as well as an example of inclusivity, providing homes that accommodate a range of tastes and financial constraints. Read the following article to learn about Urbana which is quite in talk right now under the Kolkata property market. So let’s get started.

Urbana in EM Bypass: Project Details

Spanning across a sprawling 65 acres of land, Urbana dedicates 10 acres to open spaces and lush landscaped greenery. The meticulously designed 3 BHK apartments boast sizes ranging between 2371 sqft and 2020.5 sqft, while the 4 BHK counterparts cover an area between 3528 sqft and 5205 sqft. Urbana's floor plan is marked by spaciousness, offering apartments with ceiling heights ranging from 10.5 feet to 11 feet, complemented by full-length windows providing breathtaking views of the surroundings. flat for resale in Kolkata These exquisitely crafted apartments come equipped with outstanding features, including walk-in closets, modular kitchens, and wooden flooring in all bedrooms. Beyond the luxurious apartments, Urbana in EM Bypass is celebrated for its array of amenities. A vast central park, expansive kids' play area, ample basement parking, and an array of sporting facilities are just a few highlights. Additionally, it is conveniently located minutes away from Calcutta International School, Peerless Hospital, and South City Mall.  

Urbana in EM Bypass Highpoints

  • Kolkata's skyline welcomes a new masterpiece: Urbana by Urbana Group, a crown jewel adorning the vibrant tapestry of EM Bypass. Beyond towering heights that reach for the sun (G+40 and G+45), Urbana unveils a haven of unparalleled luxury, a symphony of comfort and grandeur orchestrated for the discerning few.
  • Embrace a life kissed by air-conditioned bliss: Each Urbana residence is a sanctuary of sophistication, awash in the embrace of cool comfort. Step into expansive living spaces, where every detail whispers of refined elegance. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame breathtaking panoramas of the city, inviting the vibrant energy of Kolkata property to dance across your threshold.
  • Indulge in an 80,000 sqft canvas of leisure: Urbana isn't just an address; it's an invitation to an unparalleled lifestyle. Within the heart of this luxurious realm lies a sprawling clubhouse, an 80,000 sqft playground for your every desire. Dive into the shimmering embrace of an Olympic-size infinity pool, where the city fades away and only the cool caress of water remains. Sculpt your body and spirit in the state-of-the-art gym, where every step fuels your journey towards a healthier you. Unwind in the soothing embrace of the sauna, letting tension melt away as you succumb to pure tranquillity.
  • Urbana is more than an apartment; it's an experience: Here, every day unfolds like a chapter in a captivating novel. Host soirees under the starlit sky on the rooftop terrace, where laughter mingles with the city lights. Take a stroll through landscaped gardens, where the whispers of nature soothe your soul. Savour gourmet delights at the in-house restaurant, each bite is a celebration of culinary artistry. Urbana caters to your every whim, ensuring your days are filled with delight and your evenings with enchanting memories.
  • Own a piece of Kolkata's sky: Urbana isn't just a residential complex; it's a select community of individuals who share a taste for the finer things in life. It's an invitation to become a part of a vibrant tapestry, where friendships bloom and laughter echoes through the corridors. Here, you'll find neighbours who are more than just residents – they're kindred spirits, united by a love for luxury and a desire for a life extraordinary.
  • Urbana beckons you: It's a whisper of opulence, a siren song of indulgence, a canvas waiting to be painted with the vibrant colours of your dreams. Step into Urbana, and elevate your existence. Secure your haven in the sky and embrace a life where luxury is not just an address, but an experience woven into the very fabric of your being.

About Urbana in EM Bypass

Strategically located in Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Kolkata, Urbana is a meticulously planned project spread over 65 acres. With 1170 units within a peaceful environment, this Ready To Move property comprises seven towers. The project, initiated by the Urbana Group, commenced on July 1, 2010, and was estimated for possession by October 1, 2015.   While the commencement certificate is pending, Urbana offers a contemporary lifestyle with amenities like Power Backup, Maintenance Staff, Waste Disposal, Laundry Service, Internet/Wi-Fi Connectivity, a DTH Television Facility, an RO Water System, a Conference Room, and a Jogging and Strolling Track. Conveniently located near Mukundapur Police Station, Kolkata-700046, Urbana ensures seamless connectivity and fine living. To explore Urbana in detail, you can download the comprehensive brochure available on the project's website.


To sum up, a tour of Urbana in Kolkata property around EM Bypass reveals a tasteful fusion of luxury and affordability. Urbana offers a range of Urbana Kolkata price points from Rs. 1.41 crore to Rs. 5.20 crore, catering to a wide range of aspirants from different backgrounds and enabling them to experience the pinnacle of luxurious living. In addition to offering competitive pricing, Urbana provides an abundance of amenities that enhance the resident experience. Urbana is a living example of a holistic lifestyle, with its large central park, dedicated children's play area, convenient basement parking, and first-rate sports facilities. This residential enclave in Kolkata's Eastern Metropolitan Bypass is appealing to those looking for a modern and satisfying living environment because it not only provides well-designed living spaces but also creates a tapestry of comfort, convenience, and community.