Investment Opportunities: Exploring Flats for Resale in Bengal NRI Urbana New Towers.

18 December, 2023

Bengal NRI Urbana is a special place to live, where the government of West Bengal teamed up with famous groups like Shrachi, Emami, Sureka, MKJ, JB, and Nahata to create something amazing. This project brings together the knowledge of these six groups, making Urbana a symbol of luxury and excellent architecture. Stephen Coates, a well-known architect from Singapore who creates famous buildings worldwide, leads the design of the project.    Green Architects from Bangkok precisely planned the surroundings, and Mr. Predrag Eror from Dubai contributed his knowledge to make Urbana an amazing place to live rather than just a house. If you are looking for good flats under best resale precisely then you should read the following article till the end to know why NRI Urbana New Towers and the Urbana Kolkata prices are the talk of the Kolkata property discussion. 

Architectural Marvel and Aesthetic Beauty

Urbana boasts an architectural marvel that combines aristocracy with luxurious details, creating a residence that is both visually stunning and functionally impeccable. The project has been enriched with carefully planned greens, designed by Green Architects to seamlessly integrate with the surroundings and the lifestyle of its residents. The meticulous attention to detail by Mr. Predrag Eror ensures that Urbana is not only aesthetically pleasing but also one of the safest places to call home. flat for resale in Kolkata

Amenities that Redefine Living

Best flats aren’t just buildings with the best rooms or flats; people search for more than just four walls these days. They want all top class facilities that can make their living expensive and with Urbana Kolkata price you will get all it . These are the amenities that can enhance your living experience and give you more reasons why you should invest in this Kolkata property out of all others. 
  • Jogging Track
A dedicated jogging track within the Bengal NRI Urbana New Towers not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also offers residents a serene environment for their daily fitness routine. The well-maintained track provides an ideal space for morning runs or evening strolls, contributing to the overall well-being of the community.
  • Sports Facility
For those inclined towards sports and recreational activities, the sports facility at Urbana ensures a range of options. Whether it's tennis, basketball, or other sports, residents have access to well-designed facilities, promoting an active and engaged community life.
  • Rain Water Harvesting
Urbana's commitment to sustainable living is evident through its rainwater harvesting system. This eco-friendly feature allows the efficient collection and storage of rainwater, contributing to water conservation efforts and minimizing the environmental impact of the community.
  • Car Parking
Convenience is a priority at Bengal NRI Urbana, and the provision of ample car parking spaces ensures residents have a secure and easily accessible place to park their vehicles. This practical amenity adds to the overall comfort of the community.
  • Club House
The club house serves as a social hub within Urbana, offering a space for residents to gather, socialize, and engage in various recreational activities. It becomes a focal point for community events, fostering a sense of togetherness among the residents.
  • Vaastu Compliant
For those who value traditional principles of design and architecture, the Vaastu compliance of the New Towers at Urbana ensures that the living spaces are in harmony with these principles, providing residents with homes that align with cultural and spiritual beliefs.
  • Staff Quarter
Recognizing the importance of domestic help and support staff, Urbana includes staff quarters within the premises. This ensures that the staff members have suitable accommodations, contributing to a well-managed and harmonious living environment.
  • Multipurpose Room
The multipurpose room is a versatile space that can be adapted for various activities, such as meetings, events, or recreational pursuits. This flexibility enhances the communal aspect of Urbana, allowing residents to make the most of this shared space.
  • 24x7 Security
Security is paramount at Bengal NRI Urbana, and the 24x7 security measures in place provide residents with a sense of safety and peace of mind. Trained personnel, surveillance systems, and access control contribute to a secure living environment.
  • Swimming Pool
A luxurious addition to the amenities, the swimming pool offers residents a refreshing escape within the confines of Urbana. Whether for leisurely swims or fitness routines, the pool enhances the overall lifestyle appeal of the community.
  • Gymnasium
Fitness enthusiasts have access to a well-equipped gymnasium within the premises. This amenity caters to the health and wellness needs of residents, promoting an active lifestyle without the need to venture far from home.
  • Children's Play Area
Families with children benefit from the dedicated children's play area, providing a safe and enjoyable space for youngsters to engage in recreational activities. This amenity contributes to a family-friendly atmosphere within the community.
  • Power Backup
Urbana understands the importance of uninterrupted power supply. The inclusion of power backup systems ensures that residents face minimal disruptions during power outages, enhancing the convenience and comfort of living in the New Towers.
  • Lift(s)
Modern living is made more accessible with the inclusion of lifts in the New Towers. This feature ensures that residents can navigate the vertical spaces with ease, providing convenience and accessibility for individuals of all ages.

Investment Opportunities

As Bengal NRI Urbana Kolkata price continues to redefine the standards of upscale living, it presents a compelling investment opportunity for those seeking flats for resale. The combination of prestigious collaborations, a renowned architect, and a focus on safety and aesthetics positions Urbana as a coveted property in the real estate market. The resale flats in the new towers offer investors the chance to be part of a thriving community that values sophistication, security, and an unparalleled living experience.  


Bengal NRI Urbana's new towers tempt investors with the prospect of a luxurious existence and a wise investment in the dynamic real estate market. Urbana, with its carefully planned green spaces, top-notch architecture, and multitude of amenities, is a monument to luxury and practicality. Purchasing apartments inside this renowned property for resale not only guarantees a profitable return on investment, but it also gives access to a comfortable and elegant lifestyle. Investigate the possibilities Bengal NRI Urbana Kolkata price offers, and set out on a path of sophisticated living and wise investing.